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Yoogofleet Final Eurofleet (1)

Four years ago we made what has turned out to be a great decision. We engaged Yoogo Fleet as our fleet managers. Their complete approach to fleet management means that our drivers can concentrate on their jobs, confident in the knowledge that anything to do with their vehicle is handled by the experts at Yoogo Fleet.

The Yoogo Fleet team remind drivers when WOF’s and vehicle services are due, even going the extra mile to book vehicles in with preferred service agents. RUC and Rego labels arrive in time, lining up with expiry dates – a big time saver, removing the stress of drivers doing the admin themselves.

Having telematics in our vehicles means that we can keep track of our people and the range of reports we receive means we can ensure they're driving safely and responsibly.

The Yoogo Fleet team are great people to work with and best of all, they do what they say they're going to do. Response times to requests are prompt and solutions to problems (which are few and far between) are dealt with efficiently and with the best result for us.

If you're considering engaging someone to manage your fleet, we would highly recommend Yoogo Fleet.


Euro Corporation

Yoogofleet Final Cutshop (1)

The Cutshop Group has been using Yoogo Fleet for the past 7 years and we have only positive feedback to give. It has been one of the best business decisions we have made as they take care of everything for us, when it comes to our fleet.

The vehicles arrive, ready to go with all the requested accessories. Signage is sorted early and to our brand specification. The RUC’s and Registrations arrive in the post ahead of time and the services are proactively booked with the dealers to fit in with our schedules and shifts. It allows me to get on with my work and focus on our core business. We have added, upgraded and replaced vehicles over time and each time it is as seamless as the last. With Telematics included, we have instant access to our vehicles on a moving map and can run any number of reports to ensure we are managing our Health & safety obligations seamlessly. It is a great all-round offering!

It is a pleasure to deal with a company that takes the call, responds in a reasonable timeframe and is prepared to listen to our needs and requests. As far as partnerships go, this is one we at Cutshop value greatly, as they do what they say, when it counts.

You can trust Yoogo Fleet to take care of your vehicles and you can zone in on your interests.


Simon Morton, Managing Director, The Cutshop Group

Yoogofleet Final Steeltube

Yoogo Fleet has been a delight to work with since we transferred over to them. Kelvin runs a thoughtful, conscientious and tight-knit team who are engaged, responsive and refreshingly pragmatic.

Our dedicated Sales Specialist, Mark, has been eager to jump over hurdles as they come along and manage mini projects in a clear and concise manner. The broader Yoogo Fleet team are friendly, helpful and efficient which has made my job as fleet manager much easier.

Moving to Yoogo Fleet has been a step in the right direction and we’re looking forward to a long and successful partnership.


Trent Brash, Group Indirect Procurement Manager, Steel & Tube

Yoogofleet Final Civtec

As a young, dynamic company experiencing rapid growth, having strong supply partners in key areas such as fleet leasing has been critical in ensuring we can continue to deliver for our customers. The Yoogo Fleet team have been one such supplier. Much like us at Civtec, they are locally owned in a market heavily influenced by multinationals, so they are uniquely positioned to understand our business.

Their consultative approach which brings the combined strength of Yoogo Fleet along with the Spiers Finance and AB Equipment teams to the table has allowed them to find solutions to some of our trickier fleet challenges in a really seamless way.


Pele Tanuvasa, Chief Executive Officer, Civtec

They're a tight-knit team who are engaged, responsive and refreshingly pragmatic.
Trent Brash, Steel & Tube