A range of leasing options.

Whatever your need.

What makes commercial & practical sense depends on the business or on the individual. We've got a range of management, leasing & ownership options to choose from. Alternatively, talk to us - our team will tailor a bespoke solution that works for you. 

We Own You Drive Yoogofleet Square

We Own & Maintain, You Drive

This is our 'fully maintained operating lease'. It's probably the easiest and most cost effective way of running your vehicle or fleet. Simply select & drive your vehicle of choice & we'll take care of the rest. 


We Own And Manage Yoogofleet Square Right

We Own & Maintain, You Service & Drive

Another great option - we purchase the vehicle you choose. We pass on all our national procurement benefits & include our telematic technology in all vehicles. We manage your vehicle, letting you know when maintenance is due. You then service & drive. 


You Own Wemanage Square Min

You Own, We Manage

Complete fleet management for better business is our thing - we specialise in vehicle management. Our people, our technology, systems & processes are all focused on better optimising fleets, reducing costs and improving health & safety on NZ roads. So leave all of that to us. You choose & own your vehicle. We'll manage it for you.


Yoogofleet You Own We Loan Square 2 Min

We Loan, You Own

If you want to own a vehicle without the upfront cost then this is a great option. We purchase the vehicle you choose, passing on our national procurement benefits. You then lease to own. We'll structure the payment plan to reduce your costs, and at the end of the term the vehicle is yours!


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“We've been using Yoogo Fleet for the past 7 years and it's been one of the best business decisions we've made.”
Simon Morton, Managing Director, Cutshop