In the dynamic world of business, fleet management can play a pivotal role in determining success.

Yoogo Fleet stands out as a leading provider of comprehensive fleet leasing solutions, offering a range of customisable options to meet the unique needs and goals of kiwi businesses. Yoogo Fleet offers diverse products which are flexible, and we apply a tailored approach to address your business needs based on unique fleet utilisation and business objectives.

We Own & Maintain, You Drive

Yoogo Fleet's flagship product, the "We Own & Maintain, You Drive " fully maintained operating lease, redefines the way businesses manage their fleets. By choosing this option, businesses can enjoy a hassle-free experience, focusing solely on driving while Yoogo Fleet takes care of the rest. Key benefits include:

Elimination of upfront costs and unpredictable future expenses associated with owning depreciating assets.

Access to national procurement discounts for vehicle purchases.

Inclusion of a full scheduled service and maintenance plan, including specified tyres, all managed through an industry-leading fleet management system.

Fixed monthly costs per vehicle, tailored to match fleet requirements, with flexibility for adjustments based on changing needs.

Seamless management of service bookings, road user charges, tyre management, fuel cards, accidents, and more through Yoogo Fleet's complete fleet management.

We Own and Manage, You Service & Drive

Another excellent option, the "We Own and Manage, You Service & Drive" lease, provides businesses with greater autonomy over vehicle maintenance while benefiting from Yoogo Fleet's expertise. Key features include:

Vehicle purchase with national procurement benefits, reducing overall lease costs.

Inclusion of industry-leading fleet management services and telematics.

Management of servicing and tyre requirements at discounted rates.

Simplified invoicing for all services, providing transparency and cost savings.

Flexibility to return the vehicle at the end of the lease without concerns about its future value or the need to sell it.

You Own, We Manage

For businesses seeking full ownership of their vehicles but lacking fleet management expertise, "You Own, We Manage" is the ideal solution. This option combines ownership with Yoogo Fleet's comprehensive fleet management services, ensuring optimized fleets and reduced costs. Key advantages include:

Access to national procurement benefits, reducing service provider costs.

Complete fleet management, covering all aspects from repairs and maintenance to road user charges and registrations.

Free installation of Yoogo Fleet's telematics technology, providing valuable insights and ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations.

24/7 support from a dedicated local team.

We Loan, You Own

Yoogo Fleet's "We Loan, You Own" option provides businesses with the opportunity to own a vehicle without the burden of upfront costs. Key features include:

Leveraging Yoogo Fleet's buying power for vehicle acquisition.

Structured payment plans with flexible terms and optional balloon payments.

Vehicle ownership with the option to add Yoogo Fleet's Complete Fleet Management package.

Sustainable options for businesses looking to transition to electric or hybrid vehicles.

 Sale & Leaseback

For businesses already owning their vehicles, the "Sale & Leaseback" option allows them to unlock the cash tied up in their assets. Key benefits include:

Yoogo Fleet purchases existing vehicles, freeing up immediate cash for other business needs.

Reduction of risks associated with owning depreciating assets.

Access to the benefits of a Fully Maintained Operating Lease, including visibility of vehicles and running costs through Yoogo Fleet's fleet management platform.

Yoogo Fleet's fleet leasing solutions offer unparalleled flexibility and customisation, ensuring that businesses can choose the option that best aligns with their unique needs and goals. Whether it is a fully maintained operating lease, self-service model, or ownership with full management support, Yoogo Fleet's commitment to excellence shines through, empowering businesses to thrive in a competitive market while maintaining cost efficiency and sustainability.